Thursday, August 13, 2009

Triangle of Light

Here's another quick model while I continue work on my next project (which is red and sharp :): The Triangle of Light from the first Tomb Raider movie. After finding a mysterious ticking clock hidden in her house by her late father, Lara is sped into a race against the Illuminati cult to retrieve the two halves of the Triangle of Light, which is rumored to have been forged thousands of years ago from a meteor that struck earth and gave it's wielder untold power.

It's a fairly simply model and shouldn't take long. Enjoy!


to see the world in a grain of sand...


Tektonten said...

Nice work. I had actually considered designing a papercraft of this object myself, but you beat me to it! :) Is the 3D model from a video game or did you create it yourself?

Tektonten said...

Doh! I just opened the template and read where you got the 3D model. Question answered! :)

Ramiel said...

Ah, that's cool, you used my 3D animation on your blog! ^_^

You could use also the other ones if you like ;)


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