Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lara Gym Handstand

Let me just start by saying how pleased I was with how this came out. This is one of my bigger projects and there was a lot of tweaking that had to be done to get this right.

This is a project I have been looking forward to making since I started making my own models last summer. If you've ever played a Tomb Raider game, you probably know the secret animation you get when hanging from a ledge, holding Walk, and then pulling Lara up (Or just holding down the pull-up key in the Crystal Dynamics games): She pulls herself slowing into a handstand (where does she get this strength?!), and gracefully arches her back, touching her left foot back on solid ground and pulling herself back upright, sometimes with only one hand:

I debated over what pose to use for Tomb Raider 1's Gym outfit and thought that this was perfect! The model actually stands up on its own, through it leans on the dropped foot. This is one of the five big projects I have mentioned recently, and I really hope you all enjoy it!(I have many more big projects not yet in development)



--Also, let me know if you think the Laras should be bigger:)


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