Sunday, July 5, 2009

Amanda's Shoe

So in the process of fixing up my blog and making sure that everything looks as neat and proper as possible, a lot a feedback is required. This is one of my earlier models I;m releasing with picture instructions and a logo on the template. Let me know what you guys think! (Also, the picture quality will be improving :)

When Lara was 16, she embarked on a school trip to a excavation site in Peru with her classmates. during the excavation, an unknown entity ambushes Lara and her fellow students inside the caves of the excavation site, leaving only Lara and her friend, Amanda Evert, to escape.

Years later, Lara travels to Bolivia to examine a stone dais resembling one from her past, where she catches a glimpse of a woman bearing striking resemblance to her presumably lost friend. Returning to Peru many years later, she revisits the excavation site and the last known location of Amanda, to find a single shoe where her body should have been.

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