Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lara Stealth

FINALLY, I am able to release the stealthy Angel of Darkness Lara. As Lara's investigation into the death of her mentor, Werner Von Croy, develops, she must break into the Louvre in order to infiltrate the tombs underneath the public galleries. Starting off in the sewers, Lara advances into the public galleries and has to deal with the night guards without raising suspicion. Lara must use her new sneak technique to creep through the galleries, taking out guards and slipping past security cameras to unlock the secrets beneath.

This is easily my biggest model yet. First and foremost, note the eye in the picture. It is NOT a proper representation of the finished product. Not only have I fixed the eye in the actual template, but I used the wrong paper in developement and my superglue spilled all of the face dugin construction. still looks good though :) the model took me about a week, hence the lack of recent posting. That, plus...

POSSIBLE TOMB RAIDER IX INFO LEAKED! On saturday afternoon, possible concept art of the next Tomb Raider game was released. While Eidos hasn't yet confirmed or denied this concept art as legitimate, they have issued stern orders to take down the pictures, hinting at the art's legitimacy. I'm thrilled and you should be too ^_^. Check it out over at Tomb Raider Forums

I think that I'll start production of the models you've requested in my shoutbox now, so expect new surpirses soon!



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Tony Navarro said...

Just in time to coincide with my installing of the newest video game adaptation of my favorite lady of adventure. This is one REALLY CLASSY looking model. I'll let you know how it comes out. (sorry about the eye).

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