Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is without a doubt one of the largest models that I will be posting. i wanted my own life size (yes it's to scale) version of the Excalibur Sword from Tomb Raider: legend, and now I have one!

In Tomb Raider: legend, Lara is off in search of her mother, who disappeared through a portal in a Himalayan temple when lara was only six. The portal was activated when lara tapped a sword in a obelisk and Lara's mother pulled it out in a attempt to save her daughter from the familiar voice on the other side of the portal. As lara continues on her adventure to find out what happened to her mother, many years later, she discovers that in order to reactivate the portal and find out what might have happened to her mother, she has to find a means of activation: the sword. Since her mother took the only sword with her when she dissappeared, lara must reconstruct one of the copies of the sword, which has been shattered and distributed all over the world. Lara travels the world searching for the sword fragments, ultimately discovering that the sword in question which must be placed into an obelisk to reactivate the portal is that same sword from the King Arthur myth; excalibur. Lara finally retrieves all the frapgments and unites them with her mother's pendent, which turns out to be a key. Basically.

The model is 104.7 cm tall (to scale) and I was suprised and pleased with how brilliantly it turned out. I stuffed mine with tissue paper to prevent any sort of cave-ins, but you need to reinforce the handle if you want to wield it. I will probably coat mine in resin to harden it so it lasts longer. The model is tricky, but certainly doable. I really hope you guys like it!

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kfine said...

i think you already have as many posts as i do and its been one day.

and i dont know anything about tomb raider, but that thing looks cool

MaxDeathLore said...

I love you. <3

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