Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tomb Raider 1 Lara

This model may still only exist in the instruction-less realm of the PDF, but I really think it's good. Lara strikes no poses or anything like that, but it was a sort of summation of Tomb Raider 1 in a papercraft. I included all of her weapons and two separate bases to put her on per the preference of the builder. I may make more of her from Tomb Raider 1, or I may use this style for some of her other games. Please make sure to leave comments to let me know what you guys think. Look at how I ramble on, assuming people read my blog, oh sascha you idealistic fool :)




Andrew said...

Awesome, one of my fav Lara papercrafts. One thing that would improve it is if you could reduce the amount of compression artifacts in the pdf, makes it kind of smudged.

Anonymous said...

Could you please post the .pdo? Im having trouble figuring out how the legs attach and what the odd shapes on the bottom right corner of the lara parts page are for.

Adéla Jelínková said...

Could you please send the instructions in pictures? I am confused about some certain parts and how to glue them together.
Many thanks!

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