Sunday, April 26, 2009

Senet Pieces

Tomb Raider IV introduced Tomb Raider fans to the game of Senet, an ancient Egyptian board game. Soon after Lara entered the tomb of Semerkhet, she reached a balcony overlooking a giant gameboard and was greeted with the face of Semerkhet. In order to rpgress through the Tomb, lara had to beat Semerkhet in a game of Senet.

This section of the game was almost entirely won by luck. The rules of Senet were never explained in the game and most of the moved were determined by a random outcome of a set of 4 black and white tiles. The best strategy to beat Semekhet, for me at least, was to save the game file at the beginning and keep replaying until, by some chance, I won. Or you could always just do what this person did:

The pack includes Lara's pieces, Semerkhet's pieces, and the face of Semerkhet.

Download with PDF


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