Saturday, April 18, 2009

Young Lara's Journal

I was thrilled when I found the 3D model of this to make into papercraft. Tomb Raider: Legend opens with a flashback to Lara's childhood, where she and her mother are in a plane crash in the Himalayan mountains. Six-year-old Lara and her mother survived, and wandered into a nearby temple containing a chamber with an obelisk and 5 pillars, all inscribed with strange and ornate ruins. ever the explorer, Lara documented the chamber in her journal before activating the obelisk and activating a protal to the future, which her mother was caught in and sent to Avalon.

It may not be the same cannon, but by Croft lore, Lara wandered alone through the Himalayan mountains to a mountainside tavern, upon which she used a local phone to call her father and ask if it would be convenient for him to come and get her.

The model is small and tricky, but patience and some building background will ensure a great product. enjoy!

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Sarah said...

Hey, Nice stuff. I took some of the artifacts to put on my wall and pretend I'm rich.

You said you made this from the ingame model? At least I think that's what you said. So does that mean you make the papercrafts from the 3D models somehow? Is there a program you use or do you just print the texture skin onto paper and mess with it?

I'm trying to make some 3D models from another game, they aren't doing so well. Any insight you could possibly shed would be really helpful.

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