Sunday, June 7, 2009

Amelia's Pendant

Adding to the wide collection of artifacts from Tomb Raider: Legend is the pendant of Lara's mother, Amelia Croft. As Lara's makes her way through a passage in a secret structure hidden behind a waterfall in Ghana, Africa, a glint catches her eye:

While the cut scene tells us that the pendant is Amelia's, the actual pendant tells quite a different story. the inscription on the back of the pendant actually reads:

To my dearest Lara,
I shall always have you
no matter where
you are.
Keep dreaming.

-Your mother

I guess that the designers originally intended for the pendant to be to Lara from her mother, but changed what it meant later in development. Cool huh?



P.S.- yes, I know you guys want more Lara models, but WHAT ELSE!?


MaxDeathLore said...

Oh wow. the designer thing is very interesting :O

iwili said...

link don't work((((

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