Monday, June 15, 2009

Peru Gold Artifact

Here's a quick release to tide everyone over while I continue work on my extractions from Angel of Darkness (yes, Kurtis too) and Legend. I'll be posting some models to vote on later, but I'll try to keep models flowing as much as possible :)

So here's the Gold Artifact from Tomb Raider: Legend's Peru level. Lara receives a telephone call from an old friend, Anaya Imanu, informing Lara of a stone dais she found in Tiwanaku. After Lara explores the site for herself, with some objection by the "local" mercenaries", Lara meets Anaya in a small town square in Paraiso, Peru, where she is ambushed and must fight her way out of the town and escape on motorcycle. Lara meets up with Anaya at an old dig site from Lara's school days, and Lara must re-explore her past.


An animal is next!

~Sascha :D

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