Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Next up on the release list is Lara's PDA from Tomb Raider: Legend. The seventh installment in the Tomb Raider series sees Lara with a new gadget to help her navigate the all-too-familiar treacherous tombs and jungles: the PDA.

On a complete tangent, the PDA got me thinking about phones, which got me thinking about my friend Kelly, from The Way I see It. She actually names all of here phones and gives them names, creating a bond before inevitably losing the phone or getting a new one. Kelly is a fantastic friend of mine and we promised to talk about each other in each other's blogs (yes, I'm human, I'm allowed to occasionally blog about things other than papercraft, especially when they're as cool as Kelly). We constantly check the grammar of each other's text messages, act like we dislike each other to make others think we aren't friends (just for fun) and frequently discuss philosophical rhetorical questions such as Civil War reenactments contain blue jeans and why the History channel is such a fascinating portal of unintentional amusement. I frequently consider publishing our conversations, including such statements as "I just saw an alien take out a purse snatcher from 400 yards with an avocado!" and "I love that in your wildest death fantasy, you'll be buried with a five dollar bill. I'd say I'll be there to be sad, but it doesn't sound like you'll be having a funeral". She is fantastic and well deserving of mention in my fledgling portal to the paper world of Lara Croft. So now I've muddled my nice professional-ish blog with personal ramblings and sullied my good name. Congratulations...to me. (Look at all the text you had to read to get to the download link, wow)



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kfine said...

GRAMMATICAL ERROR! "She actually names all of here phones and gives them names" BAM ROASTED.

Also, i like that you quoted only your half of our conversations. you and i both know that i'm the funny one.

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