Friday, June 26, 2009

Dead Lara

So I was browsing through the object files of the first tomb Raider game, looking for interesting things to bring to life in paper when I stumbled upon a Lara Croft torn to shreds complete with a dying animation. It seems that some of Lara's unfortunate demises in the first Tomb Raider were so great that the warranted their own model of a bloody and beating Lara Croft. While I'm not entirely sure where this animation/model came into play in the Tomb Raider game, it's certainly significant considering the ENDLESS number of times that videogames' favorite heroine has died on screen.



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Juiles Nevada said...

hey cool. this lara model is definetily one that i will build (there are so many others, but i allways have something daran aususetzen *rolleys*

my favorite death jump was the one i the agypt level with the greaaaat sphinx (there was a blue save diamond on the top )
so i jumped round about 10 - 20 times in different ways ^^

also funny were the jumps, when the "death shout. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" wasn´t long enouth, till she reached the bottom

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