Monday, June 1, 2009

Mining Machine

Here's (Wow, how many of my posts start with "Here's"?) the mining machine from the Natla's Mines section of Tomb Raider. In the first Tomb Raider, Lara sneaks aboard Natla's yacht after diving off Egyptian cliffs to avoid escape and launching herself off of her trademark motorcycle into the ocean. As a reslt of a previous conflict with Natla's goons, Lara has been stripped of her weapons and equipment and must search Natla's mines to re-equip herself, wherin the mining machine serves as a useful tool for blasing through some barriers. The mining machine plays a much greater role in the remake, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, as it carries Lara through confrontations and reveals new sections to explore

Here's a video of the Natla's Mines level in the first Tomb Raider



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